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François Wouts

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I'm François, the developer happiness engineer.

I'm a software engineer who enjoys building developer tools. As of November 2021, most of my time is spent on React Preview, an IDE extension for web developers to see a live-updated preview of UI components, helping reduce context switching and maintain flow state. React Preview will soon become cross-framework (React, Preact, Vue, Svelte & Solid) and open source (with a paid Pro version).

I've also created a number of open-source tools such as:

  • ts-shift: a TypeScript validator code generator with zero dependencies
  • PR Monitor: a browser extension that notifies you whenever you receive a GitHub pull request
  • ViteShot: a cross-framework screenshot testing tool that can take dozens of automated screenshots in seconds
  • React Screenshot Test: an older, React-specific screenshot testing tool
  • Spot: a tool to describe JSON-based APIs using human-friendly TypeScript instead of Swagger/OpenAPI (relied upon heavily at Airtasker, where I used to work).
  • Proxay: a tool to intercept and record or replay HTTP requests to facilitate reproducible integration tests (also used heavily at Airtasker)

I'm especially passionate about making programming a more pleasant experience. My life-long passion project is designing Graphene, a sort of "universal AST" that aims to bridge the gap between programming languages and unlock a better future.

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I like to write about software engineering practices, learnings from open source, developer tools and productivity. While most of my focus recently has been on web frontend development, I aim to cover the full stack (frontend, mobile, API design and backend).

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